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Submission of an SX file is very simple. Once you've created your SX file, you have to go to the submission page that can be found here. This will begin the very short submission process.

You will be greeted with a blank page, onto which several elements will appear. Fairly pleasing animations aside, you will be presented with a button asking you to select a file. When you click this, you will have to select the SX file from your hard drive. If you didn't move it, you should be able to find it in your AppData folder, under SXM, as shown below.

Once you've selected the file, you will be asked to enter your name. This name will be used to verify your identity before you are issued your developer key, and will not be used in your program listing. The name you entered for your SX file will be used for your listing.

Once you press enter to submit this name, you will be redirected to the SXM home page. If you provided an email address and your extension is accepted, you should receive an email within a week informing you that your extension has been added to the pool. This email will also contain your developer key, as well as the identifier that you should use when submitting any updates or new extensions (this identifier goes where you typed your name on the web form).

Now that you've submitted your extension, here's an article explaining your developer key.

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